Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…

Yes, autumn in Michigan is gorgeous - bright, crystal clear, blue sky, brilliant sunshine, wonderful color in the trees and gusty winds whipping fallen leaves around the yard.

Yes, absolutely gorgeous - and too cold for painting in an unheated barn! We've had frost the last two nights and daytime highs in the mid-40s.

But all was not lost:
  • Some clean up in the boat bay and in the shop.
  • Experimenting with different colors for the cockpit.
  • Planning and estimating materials for winterizing the boat bay.
  • Preparing blocks to support Gardens when we turn her over.
  • Lining up helpers for turning Gardens over.

This coming week looks promising: warmer, with less wind, but losing three days of painting time (Friday was lost to a doctor's appointment and errands in Grand Rapids) means Gardens may not be ready to turn over by the end of the month.

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