Thursday, October 29, 2015

Late October

The colors in the woods have dulled and turned drab. Crops are being harvested and fields are being plowed under. Winds… rains… low temperatures and overnight frosts. Yes, it is late October in Michigan and we are heading into a fine, refreshing time of the year.

Temperatures in the boat bay don't drop as low as the outside overnight low, but it doesn't warm up very well either - 46 in there today. The next coat of paint is waiting for the next day promising a bit of warmth. Looks like that will be Sunday; then Tuesday.

All things considered, turning Gardens at the end of next week - even if the paint work isn't completed - is beginning to make sense to me. Turn her for the winter; fit out the interior and decks as I can; turn her again in the spring to finish up the bottom and paint; and turn her again to paint the decks and outfit her.

Why not turn the boat this week and use next week's warmer weather to get started on the interior? My help isn't available this week. It's as simple as that.

Late October heading into one of the finest times of the year - just not great boatbuilding weather.

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