Thursday, October 1, 2015

Primer, Fairing, Sanding...

More of the same...

Work on the hull continues and it is looking better but I keep finding bumps and blemishes that need fairing. Almost ready for color, really.

The mast has been sanded with 60-grit paper and is looking better - pretty darn close to being round. Last week at the SCAMP Camp, Howard Rice commented he plans to use the Duckworks FG sleeving to strengthen the mast on his SCAMP. Based on that, I watched the demo video for the sleeving and decided to try it on Gardens' mast. So, with that on its way, sanding is just about done. I will try the sleeving on a smaller spar for practice.

Oh, yeah, Fall is here - overnight lows in the low-40s. At least it's not freezing yet but the winterizing of the workspace is gaining importance.

The more I do, the more there is to do… and the further behind I seem to be.

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