Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Slathering Epoxy

Work on Gardens has resumed with the goal of getting the hull faired, primed and painted before the weather turns too cold for that sort of thing. So, I've got two and a half months (actually less than that now) before things get too cold in mid-November.

I've been fairing planks, finishing the glassing of the chines, fitting the skeg (rough cut done, now to sneak up on a good fit), fitting the stem (grinding the hull a little at a time to fit the laminated stem) and prepping to glass the bottom. Trying to decide whether to glass just the bottom or include that first plank… Either way, that will be a lot of epoxy to slather around.

No photos so far this week as there really hasn't been anything worthy of a photo… hopefully that will change soon!

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