Sunday, September 21, 2014

On Track

Fiber-glassing the bottom is going well. The plan to have it done by today went by the wayside when Saturday's commitments made their presence known: an afternoon memorial service for a WWII veteran and an evening house concert in Grand Rapids. Why - or how - is it that known, scheduled events are completely forgotten when working on the boat?

Here's a couple of photos of the most recent piece of fiber-glassing… A before and an after:

Fiber-glassing doesn't look like much in a couple a snapshots but these photos document progress. The last bit of glassing involves a triangular piece on the bottom and separate pieces for the front end of the first plank. I'll cut those three pieces tomorrow (when today's epoxy isn't tacky) and epoxy them in place after fitting.

Fairing the hull will take a few days, I am sure. QuikFair's cure time allows multiple applications per day so I should be able to work nicely around a couple of appointments over the next few days.

While I lost a day of boat work to social activities - which were completely worthwhile - my time-line for getting the hull prepped and painted before the end of October is still good. Wiggle room was built in to the time-line.

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