Friday, September 19, 2014

Out of Chaos...

Tuesday's chaos gave way to a certain measure of progress over the last three days.

Half the bottom has been covered with fiber glass and epoxy. The rest of the bottom should be fiber glassed tomorrow - Sunday at the latest.

The second and third planks on each side have been epoxy-coated. Fairing of those will begin tomorrow. I am using System 3's Quik-Fair. I liked the small test sample I mixed and used on Wednesday so I am looking forward to fairing the hull.

The sheer strakes/planks need the trim strips fitted and installed before being epoxied, faired and prepped for paint. I had thought of using mahogany for the trim, but I am reconsidering that idea. Given the lengths, twists, bends and curves involved, my thought now is to laminate thinner, shorter lengths of Douglas fir (which I happen to have on hand) in place. I have to give that plan a bit more thought…

In addition to the physical progress of the last few days, I've got a workable timeline for getting the hull painted and turned right side up before it gets too cold to paint.

So, things are looking up!

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  1. Allright Bob. Send some pics to the blog so we can also enjoy your progress visually.