Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Boat Hook Project

While waiting for epoxy to cure I have time to dream up new projects…

A couple of weeks ago I sat in Atlanta browsing DuckWorks' site and came across a bronze boat hook head fitting. That lead me to pricing boat hooks at Shaw & Tenney. THAT sent me back to DuckWorks… I decided to make my own and ordered a boat hook head fitting.

Here's a peek at the project:

The practice piece was tapered using a grinder with a flap-wheel, a belt sander and a palm sander. It took a bit of time but the taper is a good fit. I am hoping to do as well with the real handle.

The varnished piece is a cut-off from the 8' 1¼" square blank I glued up using old maple flooring. I planned to take the handle round, but I like the octagonal shape - it looks and feels good - so I decided to leave it 8-sided. The two coats of varnish on the test piece tell me I'm going to like the looks of the finished product.

Work on the hull continues albeit not as quickly as I hoped for... sanding, epoxy, fiber glass, fairing, sanding... all with the intent of getting the hull faired, primed and painted by November.

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