Thursday, June 8, 2017

Where Was I...?

Looking back at the blog, I realized I haven't made any real progress on Gardens in nearly a year! Oh, a few bits have been added and a couple of necessary items (the gantry, for instance) have been built, tested and used, but no significant progress (ok, the mizzen mast step was installed early this week) on the boat has been made since maybe March of last year. So, this week I returned to working on the boat!

All the deck pieces were fit, cut out, the undersides coated with epoxy and painted over a year ago and, then, set aside. Yesterday I pulled out the cockpit seats/decking pieces and dry fit them and worked to get them seated properly. I also dry fit the stern deck and

Once I finish up a few details (like cleaning and painting) with the bilge early next week, those seat/deck pieces can be installed. And that will feel like significant progress. That could have happened this weekend but I am in East Tawas, Michigan, for the Mackinaw Boat Symposium. I'll get back to Gardens on Sunday.

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