Saturday, June 3, 2017

June 2017

Finally, time to get back to work on Gardens!

First things first… the accumulated clutter in the Boat Bay had to be addressed.

Next was to stabilize Gardens so I can work on her. I tried adjusting the boat stands I made last fall but I wasn't happy about them. Gardens' brand new trailer has been parked in another part of the barn that we now need for other things. I decided to put Gardens on her trailer.

I used Elmer to lift Gardens high enough to get the trailer under her.

When I lowered Gardens, it was obvious I needed to adjust the bunks.

Lift the boat, pull the trailer out, adjust the bunk supports (down in front/up in back), back the trailer in, lower the boat - and repeat… until there was no more adjusting to be done. Except that, more adjusting is required. Taller brackets for the aft end of the bunks are needed. Once all the adjusting is done, Gardens will be very stable on her trailer.

The rest of this afternoon was spent making lists of what tasks need to be done to finish Gardens (it's a pretty long list) and prioritizing those tasks.

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