Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Step Back to Move Forward...

Gardens is back on the floor of the barn, upright on her keel/skeg and supported (very solidly) by two bunks. This is the result of my struggles and frustrations with (my unsuccessful) fitting the trailer to the boat.

Gardens is very stable and at a very convenient working height, more specifically a much more convenient height for climbing in and out of the boat as I work on the interior.

Seeing the boat on the floor and the relationship of the bunks to the floor, I had an "Aha" realization of how to line the bunks up with the rollers on the trailer. I'll set that up after the interior is finished.

Note, the band saw tires were replaced and the saw is up and running again. ROS repairs this weekend.

So, the trailer is stored in another part of the barn and I am all set to get to work!


  1. Your ship looks nice Bob. Glad it is at working height again.

  2. Thanks, Rik. Took me a while to get her back to a convenient working height.