Friday, August 7, 2015

Pretzel Rods & Corkscrews

Tested the small table saw set-up for ripping spar staves and the router table for notching the staves. Everything worked well…

Except for one of the big-box boards… the two staves off that board didn't quite corkscrew but the shapes they took were pretty amazing (six staves came out of another board and were straight). Since this was a test of the set-up and the staves were rather small (12mm x 17mm) in cross-section, I notched them and did a dry-fit assembly. Surprisingly, everything went together well.

I expect the CVG DF will not twist or corkscrew as the staves are ripped. The DF should be more stable than the pine I used for testing as the DF has been sitting in the barn for three years - and who knows how long it was at the lumber yard before I bought it…


  1. Looks like a fun day on the tools, good luck with the "real" timber when it comes time. Very jealous of your roomy workshop.

  2. Thanks, Denis. I've got lots of room - my wood shop, the boat bay, a couple stalls for lumber storage and, of course, the great outdoors when I need extra space.

    The plan is to mill the real timber on Wednesday. If all goes well, I should have pieces for two masts, a boom and a yard.