Sunday, August 30, 2015

Odds & Ends

I tapered the main mast staves the other day using a variation of Joel's plywood-edge-and-router jig. A 12' 1x8 with one edge squared up on the table saw is the base, secured on two saw horses. A 12' 1x4 was screwed onto the base to form the taper (35mm from the edge at one end, 27mm from the edge at the other).

A stave was clamped to the jig and the taper was cut with the router using a 1" long flush-trim bit with three cutters.

The clamps were shifted as needed as I moved along the stave. The first stave took almost 30 minutes to do but the last one took less than three minutes to set-up and cut. I'll use this system when I (re)build the mizzen mast.

The boat hook I made for my sister and her husband floats! The shaft is nearly 7' long and has a heavy bronze boat hook fitting. It feels quite heavy and I was concerned it wouldn't float... No worries! And, my sister and her husband like the boat hook!

Photo is from the building of the boat hook earlier in the year.

Next up is prepping for assembling the main mast. Extending the "spar bench" to accommodate the longer spar; moving my epoxy kit; making sure enough clamps are ready and other odds and ends of supplies. Assembly will take place in yet another part of the barn! Before too long, I will be using the entire barn for building Gardens!

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