Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Good Day

We cut the staves for the mizzen mast - using the good stuff: CVG DF.

No pretzels or corkscrews. The staves are ready for dry-fitting: milled to size, tapered and notched but we ran out of time today.

We tapered the staves using a variation of Joel's plywood edge guide and trim router: we used a 1x8 board screwed to the saw horse.

It worked - but I think I lost the trim router on the 5th stave. A horse rasp really tidied thing up nicely.

I tried dry-fitting by myself this evening but needed at least one more hand so we'll dry-fit over the weekend and glue-up next week.

The electrician showed up this morning and restored power to the outlet in the boat bay. They'll be back later this month to update the wiring (and add 3 outlets and 4 light fixtures!) but for now, I am back to sanding Gardens' hull…

It was a Good Day!

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