Sunday, March 15, 2015

Works In Progress

Sure, everything is a work in progress these days, but here are a few of the specific items underway in the shop:
  • Yard: 6' and 8' pieces for the birdsmouth staves have been cut to size, notched and readied for gluing.
  • Main Mast Step: 25mm x 50mm x 185mm blocks have been cut for laminating the mast step.
  • Shop Clean Up & Reorganization: New shelves being built; new bins for hardware and sandpaper storage acquired, larger burn-box (to collect scraps/off-cuts) acquired; table saw cleaned out and given the once over; and, a new seriousness about tossing small bit of wood (am I really going to need that someday?) into the burn-box.
  • Barn Windows: Stock milled to size; pieces cut and ready for routing.
I am hopeful that I'm climbing the steep part of the birdsmouth spar learning curve with the yard, and that the boom, mizzen mast and main mast will be quicker and easier to fabricate. I am also hopeful that work on Gardens speeds up (without creating problems) as I get back into gear with my boat building.

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