Sunday, March 1, 2015

Waiting for the Sun...

Well, not exactly waiting for the sun because we've had sunshine… but then the Doors didn't sing, "Waiting for the Spring."

Okay, so, officially, we have three more weeks of winter but today is warmer than is has been in a few weeks. Can we pretend winter is nearly over and that spring is nearly here?

Maybe… but I still can't open the main door to the boat bay. Too much snow and ice. And I still can't get my shop warmed up to much more than 40° F. Same with the "sail loft" - studio space above the shop. All of which means I really can't get much boat work or woodworking done any time soon.

I'll have to be content with making lists of projects to be done once I can get to the boat, the shop and the "sail loft."

Today's List of Future Tasks & Projects
  • Finish sanding and fairing the bottom of the hull
  • Paint the hull
  • Turn the hull over
  • Finish the interior, decking and outfit the boat (pretty much "Finish the Boat")
  • Sew the sail
  • Build the spars
  • Build new barn windows
  • Create a barn quilt
  • Build a pair of Morris chairs for the library
…and so much more.

Of course, each item listed above is a header for its own list… and so on... and so on...

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