Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Reading Other Blogs

Reading other blogs is entertaining, informative, inspirational and a great way to while away some time.

Other blogs are great sources for shop tips, methods, and solutions/answers to problems/questions that come up from time to time. No need to invent the wheel after it has already been done - and I am coming to the conclusion that every single task/process/build technique I encounter has already been figured out by someone else.

As I plot & plan the building of Gardens' birdsmouth spars, I've drawn recent inspiration and a few shop tips from these blogs (and this is by no means an exhaustive list):
  • Scamp #243
    • Using a laser level to set up forms
    • Pre-coat "inside" surfaces of staves prior to assembly
    • Use a notched "V" stick to spread thickened epoxy in the stave notches
  • jwboatdesigns
    • Cut stave parts to size (L and H)
    • Cut the notches
    • Cut the scarf joins using simple table saw jig
    • Use Inexpensive/disposable brushes for spreading thickened epoxy
    • Glue up all the scarf joins at same time
  • Joel's Navigator Site
    • Use trim router and simple jig to cut tapers in staves
And, as is readily apparent, some of these tips overlap or are variations of the same idea (tool to spread epoxy). But these are all useful ideas and tips. I will continue to read others' blogs and learn what I can along the way.


  1. Hi, Bob - glad you could make use of some of the info on my blog - good luck with your build! -- Dave

    1. Thanks, Dave.

      Your blog/info/tips will help a lot.