Friday, March 1, 2013

The First of March

March 1st - winter is almost over!

So, I didn't really plan to hibernate but I think that is what happened last month - figuratively, of course - more or less, at least as far as boat work is concerned. The mizzen sail kit is still in the box; the foils still need shaping and I need to find a trailer and an outboard.

While it hasn't been a particularly severe winter here in central Michigan, it has been cold enough to keep me out of the (unheated) shop. I did get some shopping done - blocks, rigging and miscellaneous boat bits. I found sources for a trailer, outboard and lumber for the mast (although I am still working on how to transport 20' long DF planks). I bought a new bike and I'm looking forward to a great summer of cycling. We made trips to Ann Arbor and Chicago.

John Welsford replied to my inquiry about a balance lug yawl sail-plan for Gardens, which was exciting news to receive. I'll begin work on the masts and spars as soon as I can get the materials to the shop (probably not before the end of this month, though).

Even with snow on the ground and ice in the driveway, it is March and the anticipation of spring and milder weather will have me in the shop very soon to resume work on Gardens' hull. Perhaps I need to get out to the shop to tidy things up so when the weather permits I can get back to 'real' boat work.

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  1. It doesn't seem to me that you've been hibernating at all! But it's good to hear that you'll be back to (more) boat work as spring (yeah!) waxes.