Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Spar Bench

A new, temporary spar bench is needed because the first temporary spar bench - used to build the mast, boom and yard for Karen Ann, my Goat Island Skiff - has been repurposed and wasn't long enough for Gardens' mast anyway. So, a new, temporary spar bench is under construction.

The base: Three (what have become something de rigueur for GIS builders) saw horses spaced 2' apart. See plans and instructions here

The saw horses are topped with two 2x10x10' planks (end to end, centered on the middle sawhorse).

Tomorrow the planks will be shimmed to match end to end and edged with 1x4s. Then topped with two layers of ply (3/8" because that's what I have on hand, and 3/4") 16" wide.

Actual assembly of the boom should begin tomorrow!

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