Sunday, December 11, 2016

Getting Grumpy

Winter is still more than a week away. Right… So, the six inches of snow on the ground don't really count yet… I don't mind snow - really - but this first snow of the season is making me grumpy.

Along with the snow, we're having prolonged periods of low temperatures (highs in the 20s). The cold is slowing progress on the rebuilding of the Boat Cave. And that is making me grumpy.

Work on the foils (centerboard and rudder) has moved into the shop where it is a bit warmer (low 40s) but it is tough to work more than an hour at a time and, yes, that is making me grumpy. A better heater is under consideration.

Prepping for the holidays is getting me down a bit, too. I like the results but not the work involved with decorating the house and tree. True, Jan does the tree but the lights on the porch have their own way of making me grumpy.

What is really making me grumpy is this sense that I am not making as much progress on Gardens as I think I should be making. Yes, I am making progress; just not enough.

Oh, I'll get over this grumpiness but it might take a few weeks. I am already looking forward to our annual New Year's Day visit to Pentwater on Lake Michigan: we stand on the beach (the pier is usually coated with ice!), face into the wind, shout out the old year and welcome the New Year with shouts of joy and then go enjoy a great bar burger at the Brown Bear. Sounds goofy but it helps blow off steam and takes care of a lot of grumpiness.

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