Friday, June 10, 2016


Most of the spars are (nearly) done. I haven't built the mizzen mast, the boom needs hardware, the mast needs hardware and the yard needs a bit of paint and a bit of hardware.

I am (mostly) happy with the spars as they are:
  • The mast weighs 26 pounds (11.8kg), has eight coats of varnish and will look good from ten feet away.
  • The boom weighs nine pounds (4kg) and is very stiff.
  • The yard weighs six pounds (2,7kg), has a slight bow to it and a few white flecks where I sanded too far into the F/G sleeve (hence the "mostly happy" reference above) but should work well. I have not checked it for stiffness.
  • The boomkin has been done for a long time and is waiting for me to finish the boat and go sailing. Same for the mizzen boom.
Now it is time for some decisions:
  • Hounds with single block, fairlead (no block) or padeye with block on the mast for the halyard?
  • Dixon Kemp style halyard arrangement or parrel beads at the yard?
  • Padeye, rope loop (soft shackle), or single block on the yard for the halyard attachment?
  • Straight (5:1) downhaul or the GIS bleater/vang arrangement?
  • Parrel beads or OZ style line/loop attachment for the boom?
Some of these choices are mutually exclusive and there is nothing magical about any of them.

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  1. Great to see how much you've achieved since the winter finished. All looking top quality too. Hope the progress continues at the same pace over summer.
    Cheers, Denis.