Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Better Week...

Thanks to some advice from another Pathfinder builder, I got my head wrapped around the issue of the seat/deck supports. Making progress there.

Looked at some trailers - none of which was ideal: some might have worked (with some modifications and/or repairs), some wouldn't work at all for Gardens and some weren't worth the time to look at. I did realize that I don't much care if the lights/wiring on a trailer are working - I plan to make a removable light bar.

I'm easing back into bicycling. I rode three days this week - nothing epic - and it felt good to be riding again (despite the road rash resulting from a near-perfect low-speed two point [shin and shoulder] landing).

Saturday, we spent a very relaxing - and yet invigorating - afternoon sailing on Lake Michigan with friends on their Express 35. It was good to sail again!

I'm feeling inspired and motivated… so Gardens will see more progress this week!

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