Sunday, April 19, 2015

Plodding Along

The mast-step has been cut to size (185mm x 185mm), planed and sanded. I decided to add a 9mm thick piece to the bottom but - as is the normal course of events - my 9mm plywood is buried at the bottom of an assortment of other materials and supplies, so the step won't be finished until I can access the plywood.

The birdsmouth staves intended for the main yard - but cut from lesser quality lumber - are being repurposed into a boat-hook hook for my brother-in-law. Ironically, I am using the table-saw to cut the staves down to a size that, until recently, I deemed "too small" for me to work with. Funny how a little experience changes one's perspective.

With the warmer weather, I have begun sanding the hull in preparation for paint. Lots to do there but the process has begun.

Other (not related to Gardens) projects receiving attention this week included milling the stock for the barn windows, work on a quilt rack (mortises and tenons), milling stock for picture frames and riding my new bike about 105 miles (preparing for a Colorado bicycling vacation in July).


  1. Hi Bob-- I'm just now checking in on your build for the first time in months. Great to see that the weather there has turned in your favor. I'm building a Pathfinder in Houston and am not too far behind you: I am nearly finished planking. While I don't have a blog, I do maintain a thread on WoodenBoat Forum. Look for "Pathfinder Build in Houston." Best of luck on your continued progress! --Mike

  2. HI Mike - Last week's weather was great! This week, not so much. We had snow this morning - no accumulation but, still, snow. I check on your WBF thread to check progress and for inspiration. Keep up the good work. Thanks, too, for the good wishes. Bob