Friday, April 24, 2015

Lumber Delivery

Tuesday, a buddy of mine and I took a road trip to LL Johnson Lumber in Charlotte, MI, to shop for some lumber. Andy was looking for mahogany to rebuild the companionway hatch-boards for his 36' big boat. I was looking for materials for Gardens' main mast.

Andy didn't find what he was looking for - but I've got a couple of mahogany boards that will work for his hatch-boards so, in a sense, his day was a success. I found the clear, vertical grain Douglas fir I was looking for - so my day was a success, too.

Since we couldn't safely strap three 20' boards to the top of the car for the 50+ mile ride home, I arranged for delivery and we headed back to Greenville. Delivery was scheduled for today.

Around 12:30pm the LL Johnson truck was backing up the drive.

About 30 board-feet of CVG DG:

And the obligatory (not so clear) close-up of the grain:

Jan and I moved the lumber to the back of the barn this afternoon. There it will wait for me to get in-feed and out-feed tables set up with the radial arm saw so I can rip the staves for the birds-mouth main mast.

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