Wednesday, June 3, 2020

A Little Here and a Little There

Time is flying by and I feel as though I've been busy. But progress seems to have slowed a bit.

The centerline repainting project is progressing slowly and has expanded to include the transom (and possibly, the sheer planks). The weather has been reliably unpredictable, so progress has come in fits and starts. There are no photos of paint drying...

The plain mast traveler I ordered in late February arrived from Australia in late March. Vendor's photo:
It was tucked away awaiting installation. But in early May I had the inspiration to ask my leather-crafting BIL if he could wrap the traveller in leather for me. A couple weeks later I picked up the finished item. It cost me two 6-packs of beer (BIL refused cash payment) and may be my best money spent on beer in recent memory.

Always looking for additional projects (it's a form of procrastination), I built new trailer bunks (inch-and-an-eighth thick, and slightly narrower) to replace the older inch-and-a-half ones. The new bunks are "springier" than the old ones, which is what I wanted. We'll see how they work once Gardens goes back on her trailer.

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