Sunday, April 5, 2020

Shackles, Loops and Stands

My intended use for soft shackles on Gardens: Anchoring webbing reboarding system to the boat (fittings are through-fastened bronze eyes from Port Townsend Foundry, and, yes, they may be a bit oversized...)(webbing to be added):

There will be next-to-no load on the shackles until the reboarding system is deployed and used, so I wonder if there is any risk of the soft shackle working itself open. I plan to find out.

My intended use for a continuous loop: The attachment point for the halyard on the yard.

There was no slipping of the attachment point when I hung the yard (no sail or boom attached) by this loop. The added weight could make a difference but I'll find out before our first sail this year.

I need to do some touch-up painting of the centerline this spring. This is not possible with Gardens on her trailer, so I am preparing boat stands so I can access the centerline. Here is the forward stand (still needs cleats on top of the pad to create a channel to capture the centerline skeg):
The rear stand is nearly completed (but not enough for photos this afternoon).

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