Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cross- Thread

After cold temperatures last week, we are enjoying our second January thaw. Mild (mid-40s) temperatures and sunshine make us feel much better - and spring is only a month-and-a-half away!

While I putzed around in the shop yesterday and today, I didn’t really accomplish anything - my shoulder has a way of letting me know when I’m doing too much, which, these days really isn’t much at all. So, I’ve been surfing the internet and found a few photos of me sailing my GIS at Stony Creek Metro Park, a bit north of Detroit, with the Creek Fleet Sailing Club in August, 2011.

Creekfleet Sailing Club

The cover photo shows my Goat in the midst of the fleet on a very light-air evening. If you click the Photos link, click the Archived Online Photos link, and scroll through Summer 2011, there are a few more photos of my Goat

If I had seen these photos before, I had forgotten them… Fun to see.


  1. That yellow hull with the blue rails caught some attention!

  2. Yes it did! Two guys came over to chat when I was rigging the boat that evening. They were polite and curious and complemented the boat. After the racing they came over to 'apologize.' I asked what for... The one guy said, 'I thought your boat is cute and old-timey looking, but it wouldn't sail worth a darn. I chased you all evening but could never catch you. That boat sails just fine.'