Thursday, March 31, 2016

Looking Better

Seat and platform deck panels cut & fit - although a couple more hatches need to be fit - shown with the main & mizzen mock-ups.

A new component for the mast step: a base or "sub-step." This is the result of a "What if? What else? Why not?" collaboration with Deke (FLA Keys Pathfinder). Searching for a better way to secure the mast step to the deck, I envisioned a base about 3" wider and maybe 3" longer than the step to provide more "meat" to screw the step in place.

Deke extended the base to protect the decking from damage from the foot of the mast (inevitably the mast is going to be dropped and bounce when being stepped…) and to provide options for changing the position of the mast step if need be (screwed but not glued in place before deciding if it is "right" OR to change sail plans).

Here is my rendition: white oak and mahogany glued up, planed and cut to size.

1 comment:

  1. Good idea. The mast is e point mass on the boat and with some good chop will try and puncture through the hull. Your beefy mast step is crucial for that reason (as are the doublers on the vertical frame beneath it).