Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More Cold, Doublers and Hardware

Back to real winter weather: 18° F with NW winds @15, so not too much real work happening over the last few days. The heater is good and the wind doesn't blow through the Boat Cave, but it is a losing struggle to take the chill off, let alone bring the temperatures up to a decent working level.

The doublers for the seat-front access hatches are cut and fit but I'll wait for more warmth before installing them with epoxy. A lesson learned while sanding the cut-outs in the doublers: the spindle sander (that rather innocuous power tool) can cause injury (not severe injury)… I'll live but I have a really sore thumb!

I replaced the ½" bolt and Nyloc boomkin pivot with a ½" Clevis pin and clip:

I think the Clevis pin/clip will be easier/more convenient to rig than the bolt/nut combination.

Spending a bunch of time indoors wasn't wasted. I'm helping out a bit with the Saturday Night Special project for the Texas 200. Checking the outfitting list for the SNS also had me checking the hardware list for the Pathfinder and comparing that list with what I have on hand. Now I have a shopping list for the bits and pieces needed to rig Gardens.

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