Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Drill Jig, Lumber, Hardware and Supplies

The drill jig is a simple box-sleeve that slips (snuggly) over the end of the yard. The guide holes were positioned to be lined up where I want the hole in the yard when the end of the box-sleeve is flush with the end of the yard.

Yesterday I drilled out a 5/8" hole and filled it with thickened epoxy. Today I topped off the filling. Tomorrow I'll sand the epoxy, fit the drill guide over the yard and drill out the 3/8" hole for the eye-bolt to which the throat of the sail will be attached. So far the process has worked well.

L.L. Johnson Lumber delivered the two 17' pieces of 1 x 6 CVG DF I purchased last week. These (together with DF left over from the mast) will be used for the mizzen mast and main boom. Those projects will begin soon.

The package from Duckworks arrived, too. Bits and bobs of hardware for the spars along with some building supplies. One item, the Jack Tar spar leathering kit, inspired a bit more shopping. I intended to use the kit on the yard, but the leather in the kit is too short - or seems too short to me. I can use this kit on the mizzen mast but will need longer pieces of leather for the main boom and yard - and I found what appears to be a decent source of leather in Grand Rapids. The next trip to town will include a stop at the leather store.

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