Saturday, January 17, 2015

An AHA Moment...

Well, not a life-changing AHA moment but an important one for me and the building of Gardens.

Let's just say a situation arose when I planked the hull. And let's just say the cause was either mistakes made in laying out the frames or in beveling the stringers. And let's just say I've been trying to come to grips with a solution for more than a year (planking was completed in November 2013).

So, I had questions about the sail plan for John Welsford and earlier this week I wrote to John with my questions - including, "What can I do with the situation?" About 30 seconds after I hit "Send" I had the AHA moment and figured out how to correct my mistakes.

The solution came to me about that quickly after realizing I was looking at the situation from the wrong angle. Change the perspective about 90° and the solution was right there! Of course, with Gardens upside down until spring, implementing the solution will have to wait but it is exciting to have finally seen what I've missed all these months. (I'll save the details of the mistakes until they are well taken care of…)

As for the sail-plan question, I suspect I know the answer to that one, too, but I need confirmation of my suspicions.

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