Sunday, May 18, 2014


These distractions are the good kind…

Twin grandchildren (a girl and a boy) arrived this week! All fingers and toes accounted for and everyone is healthy.

A 2011 Ford Escape has replaced the 1990 Volvo wagon as my everyday, utility and tow vehicle. The Volvo is a classic but the Ford should be a bit more reliable - it is certainly more comfortable.

Building out the shop (not really a distraction) is progressing. The space is nearly empty - and will be before the sand/gravel fill arrives to level out the floor. I discovered another cache of old wood in the barn, too!

Michigan weather is warming - be it ever so slowly - and it won't be long before I can work with epoxy in the barn! While serious boat building work has not yet resumed, the pieces are falling into place and I can see progress on the horizon...


  1. Bob, i hope you and Garden are going to make it to Sail Oklahoma this year

    1. While we will try to make Sail Oklahoma this year, it is becoming very doubtful that Gardens will be ready in time. This has been (and continues to be) a year packed with family matters - both happy and sad. The time spent traveling, combined with a very long, cold winter and cool, damp spring, has taken away from my boat building.

      If we make it to Sail Oklahoma, we'll bring the Karen Ann.