Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring... Open the Barn Doors!

This week has been very spring-like! Warmish with sunshine during the daylight hours and mid-30s overnight. Enough of the snow has melted away from the barn doors that I can open the doors and get into the barn!

There is more housekeeping and rearranging to be done but I can access Gardens well enough to get back to work on her. A few degrees warmer will make epoxy work more successful but there is plenty to do while waiting: measure and laminate a blank for the keg; measure, set-up and laminate an exterior stem (the measuring done in the barn, the cutting done in the shop and the gluing/epoxy work done in the basement).


  1. There she is! Good to see you again.
    Thanks for the pic Bob. Sending you more and more sunrays from down here.

  2. Keg or skeg?!? Maybe one of each, though I'd recommend you do the skeg before the keg!

    1. See, that's what happens when I type too fast and don' t proofread closely. I'll laminate the skeg - and have a keg for the launch party (whenever that is...)