Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mizzen Boom

The mizzen boom is (finally) done: varnished, painted and hardware installed.

Rustoleum products were used:
  • Spar Varnish
  • Marine Wood and Fiberglass Primer
  • Marine Topside Paint
All were applied using 1" foam brushes, bought in bulk for about 18¢ per brush.

I used yellow Frog Tape and was both surprised and pleased with the crisp edge of the white paint.


  1. This brings to mind a question -- why are the ends of varnished spars painted white? I suppose I could find the answer on the internet, but that's not as much fun as asking the question.

    1. What I recall reading - probably on the WoodenBoat Forum - is that painted ends will show wear and deterioration more readily than the varnished surfaces. Something about the varnish being "clear" you look "through" it and don't see the need for maintenance as early as with paint. Not sure I completely buy that explanation... and, as can be imagined on the WBF, not everyone buys it either.

      On the other hand, I like the looks. Of course, the painted ends means more work...

    2. There are several good reasons for painting the tips of spars white.
      It protects and hides the end grain better than varnish.
      It makes them easier to see, especially in the dark.
      They are easier to touch up after you drop or scrape them on something.
      There is usually hardware mounted there (blocks, furlers, lines, etc) causing dings or abrasion. Again, easier touch up.
      Lastly, it just plain looks good!